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Fic Title:The Chosen One Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:[email protected] Pairing:Charlize Theron/Teri Hatcher,Christina Ricci/m Rating:NC-17 Summary:Teri Hatcher is driving herself to Halloween party,only to stop and help a nude Charlize Theron,unaware that she’s become a mindless slave of a demon known as … Continue reading →

Sustainability is a tricky brand point to market these days because it is no longer the differentiator that it was 12 years ago.  And, to…

Jaye's attempts to ignore or go against the messages often result in unexpected misfortunes, such as when Jaye's father is hit by a car. Jaye's guilt over the event leads to her following the muses' instructions throughout the rest of the episode, only to discover that her father's injury was, in fact, a blessing, as it led his doctors to discover a potentially life-threatening blood clot. As the series progresses, Jaye becomes more willing to follow the muses' instructions, although she fights them when they make her do things she doesn't like, such as driving Eric back into the arms of his wife.

"Cheaper By the Dozen", based on the real-life story of the Gilbreth family, follows them from Providence, Rhode Island to Montclair, New Jersey, and details the amusing anecdotes found in ... See full summary  »

Room 406 (FF, cons) by Number One ([email protected]) Celebs: Melina Perez, Kelly Kelly NOTE: This is my first story in two years, so for those who want to send feedback, whether by email or PMs, go easy on me. But … Continue reading →

NEIL DeGRASSE TYSON: In 19th century Europe, the leech became the method of choice for all-purpose bloodletting. Fever? Try a leech. Headache? Stick one on your temple. Overweight? Never fear, leeches to the rescue.

On March 8 Macedonians honor the Day of the Woman, which is their counterpart to Mother's Day in the United States. During the communist era (1945–91), Labor Day (May 1) was celebrated with parades, demonstrations, and long political speeches. Today Macedonians regard the same holiday as a day of rest and recreation. The Ilinden (St. Elijah's Day) Uprising, commemorated on August 2, marks the beginning of the Macedonian nationalist movement.

Beth Loring - Everything You Feel Is RealBeth Loring - Everything You Feel Is RealBeth Loring - Everything You Feel Is RealBeth Loring - Everything You Feel Is Real